We sell our bulls ‘in their work clothes’.

While they have all the genetics of some of the best cattle around, our bulls haven’t been supplementary feed. Because we are not putting a lot of money into feeding our bulls, we can sell them at a lower price. They are priced well, not because they aren’t as good, but because they haven’t had the same costs go into them.

It is a difficult thing to compare a bull fed for sale with a bull in his work clothes. There is always the tendency to think the heavier bull on feed will put more growth into his progeny. But this is not necessarily the case. Often it is better feed and not better genetics that’s the difference. The reality is the fed bull will tend to fall away when he leaves the stud property. And it will be the bull in his work clothes that will have better performance, greater fertility and longevity.

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Fleckvieh/Angus ideal for high end butcher market

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With uncertain seasonal conditions looming in February 2018, Wirrabilla Fleckvieh & Angus made the decision to sell the majority of its commercial Spring drop calves off their mothers, to Hardwicks cattle feeding operation at Cootamundra. [...]