Abundant season – the drought is but a distant memory at Wirrabilla

With all the feed currently in the paddocks, it’s easy to forget just how horrendous the conditions were just over 12 months ago - at the end of 2019 and the beginning on 2020. For us the summer of 2019/20 was by far the worst [...]

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Make hay (……….and silage) while the sun shines

This stock pile should feed some mouths for a while………… There’s nothing like the pain of a recent drought to motivate the making of hay and silage when you get a good season. Our determination at Wirrabilla to store as much feed as possible in [...]

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Spectacular Performance in Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial

First-time entrants set the benchmark * Wirrabilla Fleckvieh/Angus steer was the highest scoring individual steer out of 600 steers trialled * Wirrabilla Fleckvieh/Angus team placed equal 8th out of 120 Out of the 600 steers entered in the competition, the highest scoring individual steer was [...]

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Top Performing Cattle for a Commercial Operation is our Focus

Wirrabilla Fleckvieh & Angus  focuses on producing top performing cattle for a commercial operation. We emphasise breeding bulls that will give the purchaser an ideal vealer calf that has the ability to perform above average both off grass and in the feedlot. We target high [...]

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