The cycles of joining, calving and weaning at Wirrabilla go on regardless of the weather and we are currently coming to the end of our Autumn 2016 calving. We have 16 mostly polled Bar 5 SA Burner 825R x Wirrabilla Peta E025 calves on the ground. They are terrific calves and we couldn’t be more pleased with them. The cross combines some great genetics – the polled genetics of Wirrabilla Peta E025, the daughter of Wirrabilla Peta B018 (one of Wirrabilla’s grand dams), and Bar 5 SA Burner 825R the record breaking Canadian bull that sold for $37,000 as a ½ share, in 2006.

Give these Burner Autumn Stud Fleckvieh calves 12 months or so, and they will make an invaluable addition to any breeding program. We will be retaining some of the Burner heifers and bulls to advance our program at Wirrabilla. The rest we will be offering for sale.

We are also happy to offer flushes from females and semen from bulls that we retain in our Stud herd.