Wirrabilla Fleckvieh & Angus  focuses on producing top performing cattle for a commercial operation. We emphasise breeding bulls that will give the purchaser an ideal vealer calf that has the ability to perform above average both off grass and in the feedlot. We target high 200 and 400 day growth and good fat cover.

The success of our approach is evidenced by the top performance of our cattle in feedlot and carcase trials. In 2014 we benchmarked our steers for feedlot and carcase performance in the Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial – the largest feedback competition of its kind in eastern Australia. A Wirrabilla Fleckvieh/Angus cross steer achieved the highest point score out of 600 steers entered in the Trial. The result combined full marks for feedlot performance, with outstanding carcase performance, including excellent marbling and yield.

Sourcing the best genetics is a big part of continually improving what we do at Wirrabilla. We currently have a very even line of terrific sons by the great Bar 5 SA Burner 825R, the Grand Champion bull at Royal Toronto in 2006, in our bull line-up.

Bar 5 SA Burner 825R

The exciting new sire at Wirrabilla this year is Sibelle Dirty Harry 25Z, a Canadian sire whose progeny have been topping sales in North America. His calves are standouts – moderate birth weight, very soft, thick and deep. They are worth seeing. All the benefits of Fleckvieh genetics – growth, muscle and milk, with a moderate birth weight!